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Iconic MomentGroup/Artist
Don't you hate when you try to turn a zombie back into a human, but then turn into a zombie yourself... relatable (but seriously that MV slaps)
'I like things that are soft and sticky in my our Baby Don't Stop'
Just the entire existence of 'District 9' tnx.
'... that's not ice cream, that's butter..'
2 members of this group's contracts expired on August 23rd and December 2nd meaning the group will continue as 4.
Iconic collaboration with Nicki Minaj
'I miss you daddy.' 'Daddy..? You are my son...?
Five female comedians debuted with a 'I wanna be a Celeb' now worthy of being called an iconic meme.
Name one member from the collaboration Station X 'Wow Thing'.
'Would you rather lose you're dancing ability or singing ability? I'd lose my dancing ability...I don't have one anyway.'
'2 dollars. 2 dollars. Incredible. 2 dollars. Fantastic baby. I don't speak English. 2 dollars.'
'Is there anything on my face?' 'Ugliness'
'I actually adopted Ten. He's my son. He's just my child.'
The queens finally debuted as ot12 with the title track 'favOriTe'
'Water makes things wet like BM.....??? Elaborate..( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)'
Long hair Hwiyoung saved us all..
'You know who has big d energy?? Jiwoo got some big d energy..'
'I'm on Twitter often and there are words fans use, I don't know what wig means...wig?'
Nunnunanna neowa na, ~MY BABYYYY!!!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ~
Their new sub unit 'Vision' debu- oh wait..
'Stop rubbing it against me!!' 'Get up or I'll do the rub-rub again.'
Neverland who? Idk her? I only know Noodles 🍜
The show 'The Unit' debuted what two groups?
Nancy with green hair. Yup. That's it.
'La Vie En Rose' became the most watched debut MV in 24hrs gaining 4,559,202 views.
'You can do it friends! You can do it!' 'Do what?' 'What..??'
Fastest Kpop Group after debut to gain #1 in the World Digital Song Sales.
'Oh FeliX CoMe HErE bRo' 'HeRe'S soME rAmeN' 'WhATdYA MakE bruH' 'FoR mE CUz'
Just casually joined in with buskers dancing to their song, in full costumes aswell...ya know normal day out..
It was the year of the mullets name one group that had one this year..
'..I don't have a butt..I can't twerk.'
Ya know casually breaking apples in half while singing as if it's a normal skill I'm lost-
Iconic MomentGroup/Artist
'Don't know if I'm doing this right. Never done this before. Jesus take the wheel.'
Neon neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi Wow. Ttak neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi neukkimi wa.
Mean Girls who?? The Plastics where? Idk her. I only know this group's rendition of the Christmas talent show dance tyvm..
Got their first ever win on 'The Show' with 'Save me Save you' on October the 8th.
Performed at the 2018 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony.
Playing on toy instruments, losing a drum stick, spreading the most chaotic energy, all while passionately singing 'Love Scenario'
Iconic collaboration with Dua Lipa
The leader of this group left as of November 23rd but will still continue their career as a solo artist.
They went from 5 to 4, but istg if anyone dare act like Youjin isn't always gonna be a part of the group I will call their mother...
Kai in a crop top or Kai body rolling?? ..oops meant the 'Tempo' and 'Love Shot' debate...haha totally did..
Their song literally became the pre-schoolers of Korea's anthem bless..
This group helped ease tension between North and South Korea by performing their hit 'Red Flavor' for the NK leader.
They went on dates without basically anyone *YG* noticing... impressive
Benji calling out his dad for having 'Boss' on his playlist but none of his group's song is such chaotic energy..
'I GAVE YOU ALL MY MONEY!' '...I am so sorry..'
'Can I have some..budder??'
A trend I genuinely thought couldn't be a trend but multiple groups dropped cakes during vlives, fansigns etc. Name one..
Made us all break down in tears when they said they almost disbanded at the start of the year because of the sudden fame...*wipes away tear*
'What has changed since Hweseung joined?' 'The car is more cramped.' 'Our average height went down.' 'Our average age went down.'
Member Takuya announced he was leaving the group on December 10th..cries some big fat tears..but on a more positive note, he ranked no.52 on the most handsome faces of 2K18
*slaps thigh* 'OohHhHh YyyEAaHh'
'We'll give him to you for free!' 'Non-refundable' 'Aka: we're already trying to sell off our members.. I'm-
Spoopy comeback in November, Jeongyeon getting lines, Dahyun. What's wasn't to love bout this comeback
They debuted their newest unit, Oh!GG in September this year.
Boy went full cowboy with the long hair, cowboy hat and button up shirt..basically the whole MV went off apart from the outfits..
3 new members were added making a total of 18 members, becoming the largest active kpop group.
Not only did she release THAT hoe anthem with some of my favourite choreo of the year, but also killed us with the her 'Level Up' dancing..I'm distraught.
Nichkhun rly came out of nowhere and snatched his girl back, this whole MV is a rollercoaster start to finish..
The fact that they made TheShirtLift™ part of their choreography like who okayed that?!? Cuz I sure didn't..
Member Mark graduated from this group on December 31st and will no longer promote with them...*sniffles*
'Yellow C-A-R-D...'. 'Hello StuP-I-D' (literally my favourite English line this year omg..)
Scary camera finding skills + Annabelle costume = Spoopy season in full swing.
Iconic MomentGroup/Artist
Became one of the first openly gay male idols in kpop, debuting solo early last year.
2 members announced they were dating, which lead to them being kicked out of their company...cuz Cube's a little bi-
She had her solo debut with 'Solo'...I'm not gonna go into the controversy surrounding this cuz I'm too young to die...
Their MV slapped me in the face and said cute concepts no longer exists...I also wanna join a tennis club now.
They literally spent a twenty minute vlog flirting with Edward Avila...THEY LITERALLY SPENT A TWENTY MINUTE VLO-
Disbanded on December 31st after being one of the most successful groups over the past year and a half.
The legendary collaborative stage of Sunmi's 'Heroine' was performed recently at KBS Song Festival, name one of the other two participants.
'I never eat fruits. Fruits are scary and I don't eat them.'
'Naye kkochiya' then there's that lil head tilt and the hip swaying and my heart bursting..wait..
'Idol' became the most viewed Kpop MV in 24hrs with over 45 million views.
Absolutely killed her pole dancing performance at MAMA's Fan Choice...whatta living legend
Everything about the rollercoaster version of 'Love Bomb' was iconic but Hayoungs chubby cheeks and just generally being the cutest I'm s*ft.
They straight up said 'you're doing great sweety.' And 'Why you always lying.' .... they're evolving..they know vine culture be afraid
The boy hasn't even debuted but is one of the most iconic kweens of 2K18, Under 19 wasn't ready for him, I wasn't ready for him...ggs beware he gonna steal ya spot..
'I might let you have this one fam...'
Everything about the long nails and picking noses discussion was iconic let's not lie..
A new member was added to this unit and turned everyone to paniced gays, I mean I expected no less tbh..
Okay but Changkyun giving baby Olivia the softest of kisses round her face radiates the biggest uwu energy of 2k18
*Car Honks* 'Hello??'
The shoot dance became popular due to the choreography in 'Shine'...sadly resparked a dying flame..
'Ddu Du Ddu Du' was the most viewed Kpop MV in 2018.
Seungjun who?? I only know a Seoham..
Regular, HuuUuhHh??
Realises he never named his cat and straight up had an existential crisis..
This group did a collaborative stage with KARD members, Jiwoo and Somin.
Fell down stairs during an Instagram Live.
3 members from this group joined the military early this year
The whole vibrating know what I'm going for.
You know a crackhead group when then ask someone to join their group while fishing...also welcome king Dongwon👑
This group spoke at the UN General Conference meeting on behalf of UNICEF Korea and raised more than 1.6 billion won.
A common fashion trend this year for males was crop tops, name one group who sported one..
I think her soul left her body when she pressed the money gun whatta cutie uwu
3 comebacks this year gaining over 100 million views...ik views don't matter but like... legends

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