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HintAnswerMembers I knew first
First Kpop group I got into, v lost, everything in the mv was so bright, oh they dance good, I'm starting to get the hype nowV
Smol cuties, their dancing and synchronization had me shook, bubblely pop, the breathless m/v had me confused tho like is this what all of kpop is like?MJ
Tol cuties, found at the same time as #2, the funniest group I'd ever seen, was intrigued by Seungjun dance covers of cheer up and up&downSeungjun
The most hectic group even moreso than #3, I was confused, I still am, comedic geniuses, crackheads 1000%J-Hoon
I didn't know a group could have this many members at that stage, why are their petals shooting out of them?, Are their 17 members?!, How are they so in sync with so many membersMingyu
Idek how I got into them I feel like I just gained the knowledge that they exist and saw them on WI and the immigration, once again v bubbley concepts I really had a type huh?Heo Chan
I was so confused as to how they were formed like what is p101?, I heard sm about them everywhere but at the same time I felt like I heard nothing about them.Seongwoo
I legit got into them because I heard the Starbucks meme guy was in the group(sorry I was very new to this kpop business at the time)Hyungwon
Bright bubbly concepts AGAIN!, Plz don't be sad is one of the first Kpop dances I could dance along toYoseob
I feel like it's inevitable to stan this group they're such legends, saw their crackheadiness and decided to stan cuz... c'mon.Heechul
I was stressed joining cuz I didn't know if 2 members were debuting or not, I was crying the first day I heard of them cuz of the eliminations, I felt the need to protectFelix
At first I thought they were really dark concept based but then I saw how crazy and soft the group actually was.Jackson
First heard of them through ASC, when I first heard of them I thought they were like the only Kband I didn't know any othersJae
I actually wasn't certain I liked them at first cuz the title track that I heard wasn't my style...boi was I wrong, also their units wut?Johnny/Lucas
I knew all their names before getting into the group, also their performance at the Olympics is what rly got me into them.Lay/Sehun
Their music videos confused me sm and I didn't think I liked them for a while but I definitely warmed up to themSeulgi
First heard of them from WI, just v extra especially one member I was...idek how I felt about the extranessDawon
I thought they were sorta intimidating at first but they are real adorable softies, I saw all the buzz and was like hmm lemme seeLisa
I knew their dances and songs before I knew the members names, a lot of cute concepts but I'm soft for them.Jihyo
Their songs were just so catchy and they were so funny and the fancams were too much for my poor heart to not love themHani
I didn't like them that much since their songs were too heavy for me..that's till their first comeback of the year,that's when I fell.June
One cannot ignore this group it's illegal, I still to this day don't really know much at all about them aside from their music.. oopsG-Dragon
One of the only albums that I love every single song with my entire being, also this ended the myth of one K-bandWoosung
HintAnswerMembers I knew first
Getting into them was a long process...for obvious reasons since I stanned when their were 100/99 people thereCai Xukun
I just knew as soon as I saw them I must protect at all costs, ik they were too good..too pure for this world.Kevin
... literal giants you can't not notice that, memes...big memes, see #24 as to when I started stanningBu Fan
I didn't know what I was getting myself into..2 parents trying to control their 3 kids who have no chill at all, See #24 as to when I started stanningQin Fen
My no.1 was in this group so how could one not stan, once again see #24 as to when I started stanningQuanzhe
It took me a while to stan this group but once I did...all the high quality memes I missed..the king's of talent..the wokeness..the legends themselves is what I missed out onTaemin
I went on a binge listening of all their songs and they're wasn't one that wasn't a bop legends only.Ziu
Their dancing had me shooketh to the core, also their transition from 2 darker concepts to a poppy summery song is just wowDonghun
So many tropical house concepts but let's not lie them and #43 own it, the first co-ed kpop group I heard ofSomin
The first song I listen to by them was them singing about wanting to be a potato.... immediately stannedJaehyun
This isn't relevant to the quiz but cube I swear if you kick out E'dawn you will be making an enemy out of me don't test me rnKino
They only had one mv at the time but I decided it was the best mv of 2017...don't ask questions.Hyuna
Just when i was gonna start stanning they heart was too weak for thatKenta
Once again was introduced to them from WI, they just seemed so chill and I still don't know if thats right or wrong, wasn't into their earlier songs but touch it is a bop.Casper
I got into them with their first comeback of the year cuz that song & dance was everywhere, it was just such a bopJooE
The first song I heard by them was about whispering and the mv was just art....I just couldn't not love them ya know Leo
When I heard their debut song I was iffy(..ha) but then their first comeback this year.. woo itreeled me in fast, they were what I was looking for..i didn't even know I was lookingJian
There was such a buzz around them even when they hadn't released a song.. so I checked them out... I did not regret itSan
Summer bops of the century no one can deny, their songs just get me so pumped idek what for but they do.Jinwoo
I was happy seeing Hansol finally debuting even if it would be for a different group.. SM look at what you missed out on.Hansol
Legit felt love at first sight, I'm not one to focus in on visuals but doyeon is beautiful. Wow.Doyeon
There is a member from 04 in this group and immediately my motherly instincts kicked in, I just loved them all sm right away.Chaeyeon

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