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What is the capital of Luxembourg?
In a professional football match how many players are fielded?
In km how what is the distance betweem Britain and France?
Carlos Slim Helu is currenty at the top of the Forbes Rich List 2010, but from what country is he from?
What country is nearest to the site of the sinking of the Titanic?
What name is given to the dot over the letter 'i' ?
Rabat is the capital of which country?
What chemical symbol is Pb?
What is the capital of Turkey?
What drug did Sherlock Holmes take?
Name the amount of teeth that a Mosquitoe has?
Quinstreet bought a domain name for $16million in 2009, what was the domain name?
In the “Rocky” films, what is Rocky’s surname?
Most lipstick is partailly made of fish scales? True or False?
The most expensive item on Ebay ever sold was for $168,000,000.00, but what was it?
What country is the 2010 Ryder Cup held?
Jordan famously made a sex tape, but with who?
What is the capital of the UAE?
Who currently hold the world record for the 100m sprint and is deemed the fastes man on the planet?
In Sweden there is a ski-thru Mcdonalds? True or False?

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