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Johnny Manziel
Bryce Harper
'85 Chicago Bears Defense
Nickname of the Seattle Seahawks' defensive backfield
Gary Payton
Kevin Durant
One of Lou Gehrig's nicknames
Ken Stabler
Randy Johnson
Hall of Fame Defensive End for the Dallas Cowboys Ed Jones went by this other first name
Ty Cobb
Shawn Marion
Joe Namath
Mike Ditka
Clyde Drexler
Fred McGriff
Tim Duncan
Tyrann Mathieu
Larry Johnson
Julius Erving
Chad Johnson
LeBron James
Jason Williams
LA Rams Hall of Fame Defensive End David Jones is more famously known by this name
Michael Jordan
Tim Lincecum
Bryant Reeves
Walt Frazier
One of Jared Lorenzen's nicknames
Nickname shared by famous catchers Carlton Fisk and Ivan Rodriguez
Reggie White
Darryl Dawkins
Reggie Jackson
Evgeni Malkin
Sammy Baugh
Felix Hernandez
Karl Malone
Laker's Point Guard Earvin Johnson was known as Magic. What is Seattle Super Sonics/Milwaukee Bucks center Ervin Johnson's nickname?
John Havlicek
Billy Johnson
Doug Martin
Ron Rivera
Bill Mlkvy
Joe Greene
Robert Traylor
Andrei Kirilenko
Randy Savage
Greg Maddux
Famous ATL Braves First Baseman Larry Wayne Jones Jr.
Shaquille O'Neal
Jerome Bettis
Johnathon Toews
Zach Randolph
Paul Pierce
Quinton Jackson
Kevin Garnett
Walter Payton
Marshawn Lynch
Wayne Gretzky
Oscar De La Hoya
Deion Sanders
Rob Gronkowski
Hall of Fame Detroit Lion Dick Lane
Chris Anderson
David Ortiz
Matt Harvey
Wilt Chamberlain
Matt Ryan
Earl Monroe
Ron Artest (His new name)
Brian Scalabrine
Christian Okoye
Marvin Hagler
Tyrone Bogues was known by what nickname?
Norman Esiason
Bob Cousy
Mario Lemieux
Frank Thomas
Dominique Wilkins
Allen Iverson
Robert Horry
Minnesota Vikings Defensive Line from the 1960 through the 70s
Willie Keeler
Roberto Duran
Chris Paul
Alexander Ovechkin
Dominik Hasek
Evander Holyfield
The long-time fan nickname of the New Orleans Saints
What was the 1999-2001 St. Louis Rams offense known as?
Terrell Suggs
Shane Victorino
Joe Paterno
Dwyane Wade
David Robinson
Nick Young
Kobe Bryant
Pete Maravich
Darren McFadden
George Gervin
BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Jack Nicklaus
Curtis Joseph
Steph Curry
William Perry
Ron Jaworski
Corey Kluber
One of Ted Williams' Nicknames
Floyd Mayweather
What nickname did Ray Leonard, Ray Robinson and Shane Mosley share?
Shaun Kemp
Hakeem Olajuwon
Darrelle Revis
Jose Bautista
Calvin Johnson
One of Larry Bird's famous nicknames
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Pablo Sandoval
Name one of Ray Allen's nicknames
Charles Barkley had two famous nicknames. One of the was Sir Charles. What was the other?
Ben Roethlisberger
Billy Cunningham
Pat Verbeek
Chuck Liddell
Kenny Walker

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