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Can you name the Successors of these famous leaders?

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AugustusRoman Emperor
PrasutagusRuler of the Iceni
Shah JahanMughal Emperor
Adolf HitlerPresident of Germany
William Howard TaftPresident of the United States
Leopoldo GaltieriPresident of Argentina
BarbarossaHoly Roman Emperor
Idi AminPresident of Uganda
Nelson MandelaPresident of South Africa
Harold GodwinsonKing of England
FahdKing of Saudi Arabia
Leo the GreatPope
TutankhamunPharaoh of Egypt
Tsar Nicholas IIRussian Head of State
Charles de GaullePresident of France
Mustafa Kemal AtatürkPresident of Turkey
Marshal TitoPresident of Yugoslavia
HirohitoEmperor of Japan
John HowardPrime Minister of Australia
Darius IPersian King of Kings

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