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Which Tudor saint and humanist wrote Utopia before leading the opposition to the English reformation?
Which ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom at its peak stretched from the Wirral to the Thames?
What memorial in the Belgian city of Ypres commemorates the missing British soldiers of the First World War?
Which general of the Civil War marched into London in 1660, seized control and restored the monarchy?
Which prized ship did Henry VIII watch sink during the 1545 Battle of the Solent?
What landmark constitutional document received the royal seal at Runnymede under duress?
Which former Viceroy of India was assassinated by the Provisional IRA in 1979?
Which Prime Minister reshuffled a third of his cabinet overnight? It became known as the night of the long knives.
Which medieval knight served five kings, and acted as Protector for the young Henry III from 1216?
Thomas Fairfax replaced the earl of where as leader of the Parliamentary forces during the English Civil War?
Which semi-autonomous region of Scotland fostered a series of rebellions during the Middle Ages before suppression by David I?
Who developed an eponymous principle of population; that population growth could only be temporary before demographic crisis?
Which exiled Marcher magnate returned to England in 1327 with his mistress Isabella to usurp her royal husband?
Which 18th century aristocrat brought the process of inoculation from the Ottoman Empire to Britain?
Which 11th century king of Scotland succeeded Duncan? (Although perhaps not with witchcraft, daggers and ghosts).

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