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Victory at which battle in 1264 made Simon de Montfort de facto king of England?
Who, as Chancellor, championed Margaret Thatcher's programme of privatisation and financial deregulation?
Which proto-Protestant religious movement led by John Wycliffe called for reform of Western Christianity?
Which battle of 1141 was the only major confrontation of the Anarchy, resulting in the imprisonment of King Stephen?
What did David Steel and Paddy Ashdown help to create in 1988 despite opposition from David Owen?
Which political philosopher influenced Voltaire, Rousseau and the American Founding Fathers?
Which Prime Minister presided over the Battle of Waterloo, the Peterloo Massacre, and the Cato Street Conspiracy?
In which city were the long-lost bones of Richard III discovered in 2012 beneath a council carpark?
What name was given to textile workers who protested against mechanisation during the Industrial Revolution?
The descendants of John of Gaunt were known as what House during the Wars of the Roses?
The destruction of an abbey on which island in 793 marks the beginning of the Viking Age?
With which radical group of populists did Oliver Cromwell chair a series of debates at Putney?
Which future Prime Minister, whilst Chancellor, introduced Old Age Pensions and National Insurance?
Which Prince of Wales, sometimes along with his brother Dafydd, led national resistance to the conquests of Edward I?
Which Archbishop of Canterbury furthered anger at the personal rule of Charles I by seemingly favouring Arminianism in the English Church?

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