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Which poet's work includes 'Ode to Psyche', 'Bright Star' and 'To Autumn'?
Which 20th century economist argued state intervention was necessary to regulate 'boom and bust' economic cycles?
Which ancient kingdom of the Heptarchy was founded by the Jutes?
At which jail did William Gladstone and Charles Parnell agree to work together to end the Irish Land War?
Initially created for John FitzGerald in 1316, which earldom was the de facto rulers of Ireland for much of the late middle ages?
The 'Dictum' of where reconciled the rebellious barons who had been led by Simon de Montfort, to King Henry III?
Which Scots religious institution did the Solemn League and Covenant of the English Civil War seek to protect?
What nickname was the 16th earl of Warwick known by? It was a reference to his considerable political influence?
Which East Anglian led a rebellion against increasing agriculture enclosure during the reign of Edward VI?
Who was a prominent mistress of Edward VII, holding significant influence at his court and in his heart?
Whose mustachioed face appeared on recruitment posters in WWI telling the public that he 'wants you'?
What was the name given to an elaborate set of rules designed by Sir John Conroy to regulate the upbringing of the future Queen Victoria?
In which country are many children named 'Tonibler' as appreciation for the former Prime Minister's 1998 intervention in their regional conflict?
Which twins led an infamous criminal gang 'The Firm' in the 1960s East End of London?
Which physicist helped develop the first and second laws of thermodynamics as well as determining absolute zero?

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