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Daughter of Priam who was the first to see Hector's body returning to TroyBook 24/Trojan
Commoner who rebels against AgamemnonBook 2/ Achaean
Child who is scared by Hector's helmetBook 6/Trojan
Horse who prophesises Achilles' deathBook 19/Achaean
Intervenes to save the Acheaens by the shipsBook 14/Achaean
First warrior to kill in the IliadBook 4/Achaean
Ancestor of Glaucus who stayed at Diomedes' ancestral homeBook 6/Trojan
One of the lieutenants present with Achilles during Priam's appealBook 24/Achaean
Hector's lieutenant whose descendants found RomeBook 6/Trojan
Elder who describes Menelaus and Odysseus on top of the Skaian gatesBook 3/Trojan
Son of Zeus who is spirited away by Hypnos after his deathBook 16/Trojan
The winner of the Chariot raceBook 23/Achaean

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