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Which Parliamentary general of the English Civil war was son-in-law to Cromwell?
Which Scottish island was the centre of Gaelic monastic tradition and was the spirtual centre of the Kingdom of Alba?
Which former Ottoman territory was Britain granted mandate of by the League of Nations in 1920?
Which nation was founded in 1948 from the British Mandate of Palestine?
Which major period of socioeconomic change begin in Britain in the second half of the 18th century?
Which uprising in 1859 led to the end of 'Company rule' as well as the final collapse of the Mughal Empire?
By what epithet was the Saxon King Edmund II known as during his conflict with Cnut?
Which queen of England deposed her husband in 1327 in favour of her son Edward III with the aid of her lover Robert Mortimer?
What nickname did Arthur Wellesley develop for his political resolve and the reinforced shutters outside his home?
Which battle of 1879 saw a major Zulu victory against the British Empire?
Which explorer disappeared along with George Mallory on Everest in 1924, possibly after reaching the summit?
Which island nation did the British occupy in 1940 to prevent Nazi occupation?
Which town in Suffolk claims to be the longest continually occupied town in Britain?
Which paramilitary nationalist force split into 'provisional' and 'official' factions in 1969?
Where is Osborne House, the royal residence where Queen Victoria died in 1901?

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