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My works established the laws of motion, gravity and calculus and, as such, am considered one of the world's greatest scientists. Sir Isaac Newton
My travels to the East helped to reopen the ancient silk road as well as reintroduce many of my countrymen to the existence of ChinaMarco Polo
I transformed the backward Tsardom of Russia into the mighty and European Russian Empire. I founded the city of St Petersburg as my capitalPeter the Great
I developed many household devices such as the motion picture camera. I hold over 1000 patents to my name.Thomas Edison
My visitation from Allah led to the creation of one of the major faiths and also unified Arabia. Muhammad
Originally a lowly monk, I gained influence by seemingly curing the Tsar's son of hemophilia. My death has become legend as I just wouldn't die.Grigori Rasputin
My invention, the printing press, helped spark the modern era and re-educate EuropeJohannes Gutenberg
I extended Babylonian influence over Mesopotamia, whilst establishing my code of law; one of the first of its kind.Hammurabi
I led Latin America in their overthrowing of the Spanish Empire and helped establish the republic of Gran ColombiaSimón Bolívar
Along with my friend Karl Marx, I published a manifesto which would influence the world and especially the 20th Century.Friedrich Engels
As leader of the Committee of Public Safety, I attempted to cleanse Paris of the unvirtuous with the guillotine. However eventually even I fell foul to the 'National Razor'Maximilian Robespierre
Despite being Prime Minister twice, I am most famous for my victory over the 'little corporal' in 1815.Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
My epic poem traced my people's and my Emperor's ancestry to the destruction of TroyVirgil
My famous victory at Agincourt is seen as the end of the 'Age of Chivalry' due to my extensive use of long-bowmen rather than mounted knightsHenry V
I became known as 'father of the fatherland' as my military campaigns led to the unification of Italy under Victor Emmanuel IIGiuseppe Garibaldi
Autobiography Figure % Correct
My tomb is the only remaining wonder of the ancient world.Khufu
I established the field of extragalactic astronomy. Although long dead, my eye still gazes out to distant galaxiesEdwin Hubble
I raced Captain Scott to the South Pole, beating his team by 33 days. I also led the first expedition to undisputedly reach the North PoleRoald Amundsen
I met Atilla the Hun and convinced him to leave my countryLeo the Great
My military campaigns established the Franks as the rulers of Gaul and halted Muslim expansion into EuropeCharles Martel
When strange pilgrims came to my land I made them welcome, teaching them how to survive in their new surroundings. Although initially thankful, their descendants were less graciousSquanto
I not only raided Britain but conquered it, adding it to my empire along with Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I was so powerful, my courtiers believed I could command the tide!Cnut the Great
I presided over a period of rapid change in Japan which transformed my country from feudal state to world power in a few decades.Emperor Meiji
I led the British troops during World War One and due to my failure to grasp modern technology and strategy I became known as 'the butcher of the Somme' Field Marshal Douglas Haig
My generosity en-route to Mecca devastated the economies of Cairo, Medina and Mecca for a decade and alerted the Eurasian world to my powerful and rich West African EmpireMansa Musa
I successfully led Ireland's fight for independence against British rule. I led the new Republic of Ireland until 1973 in various guises. Éamon de Valera
As Chancellor of the Exchequer I introduced many social reforms to Britain including sick pay and old age pension. Later, I became known as 'the man who won the war' David Lloyd George
My reign is known as 'the Golden age of the Mughals'. I built the Taj Mahal as a tomb for my beloved wife.Shah Jahan
Inspired by the ancients, I fathered the Modern Olympic movement, winning my own gold medal for poetry in 1912 Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin
I led the assembled Greeks at Marathon, successfully holding of the Persians, before sending the famous runner to warn the Athenians of the Persian fleetMilitiades

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