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Who led local resistence to the Norman Invasion from his base on the Isle of Ely?
Which English political philosopher wrote Leviathan, establishing the theory of Social Contract?
Over which territory did Britain acquire a 99-year lease from the Qing Dynasty in 1898?
Which actress, model and noblewoman is famous for an affair with Lord Nelson?
Which king of England had his powers severely curtailed by his brother-in-law, Simon de Montfort, in the Provisions of Oxford?
Which queen of England was executed in 1541 on grounds of treason and adultery?
Who claimed the title of 'Witchfinder-General', leading a series of witch hunts across East Anglia during the English Civil Wars
At which battle was Harold Godwinson supposedly killed by an arrow to the eye?
Where was Sophia, the heir identified by the 1701 Act of Settlement, Electress of?
Which English navigator explored the eastern coastline of America, giving his name to a major bay and river of the region?
Which ancient fortification once served as the northern limit of Roman power?
Who commanded the British Expeditionary Force for much of WWI, earning the nickname 'The Butcher of the Somme'?
According to legend, which brothers led the Angles, Saxons and Jutes in their invasions of Britain in the 5th Century?
Which Prime Minister adopted a three-day working week to conserve power in the face of industrial action and the Yom Kippur War?
Which Scottish socialist founded the Labour Party in 1900 and was one of its first Members of Parliament?

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