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Which four-time Prime Minister was nicknamed the 'Grand Old Man'?
Which campaigner for Indian independence visited the mill workers of Lancashire in 1931?
Which Whig Prime Minister presided over the Great Reform Act and the Abolition of Slavery?
Which campaign of WWI saw the failed attempt by many ANZAC troops to seize control of the Dardenelles?
Which Southwestern French territory did English kings rule as duke from 1204 to 1453?
Which bishop served as Lord Chancellor during the reign of Mary I?
Which event saw parliament overthrow the Catholic James II in favour of his Dutch son-in-law?
Which Viking leader was defeated by Alfred the Great and converted to Christianity in 878?
Which 14th Century royal favourite of Edward II was ambushed and executed by Thomas of Lancaster in 1312?
Which terrorist conspiracy against James I planned to restore England and Scotland to Catholicism?
Which Prince of Wales led a national revolt against Henry IV and English rule?
According to legend, which Saxon noblewoman rode through the streets of Coventry naked to protest against high taxation?
Which famous general was killed by Mahdi forces during the 1884-5 siege of Khartoum?
Whilst anchored at which Flemish port was the Spanish Armada attacked by Drake's fireships?
Who was the last sitting British monarch to lead their troops into battle?

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