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What join-stock company once accounted for half the world's trade and ruled much of India for over a century?
Which King sparked a succession crisis by supposedly naming both William of Normandy and Harold Godwinson as his heirs?
What was signed in 2012 by David Cameron and Alex Salmond, establishing a referendum on Scottish independence?
Which 20th Century king abdicated after less than a year on the throne in order to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson?
Seen as the quintessentially English composer, who penned the Enigma Variations and the Pomp and Circumstance Marches?
What was the code used by the German military during WWII that was cracked first by the Poles and then at Bletchley Park?
Harold Godwinson, John, Robert the Bruce and Henry VIII were all kings to suffer what Catholic punishment?
Which Anglo-Saxon kingdom was subsumed by Wessex in 825? It survives today as an eastern county.
Bernard Montgomery's victory near which African city proved to be the turning point in the desert campaign of WWII?
Which monarch returned the state religion to protestantism, saw off the Spanish Armada and presided over a 'Golden Age'?
In 1975 a referendum was issued asking whether the UK should remain a member of which international organisation?
Which Conservative Prime Minister sanctioned the ill-advised invasion of Egypt following the Suez Crisis?
At what battle of 1265 did the future Edward I defeat and kill Simon de Montfort to end the earl's de facto rule of England?
Which Queen had previously been Queen of France and supported her son's failed attempt to overthrow Henry II?
What set of sculptures were controversially removed from Athens in the early 19th century and brought to the British Museum?

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