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Which British Lord and General surrendered to the Americans and French following the siege of Yorktown?
Which statesman fought in the Boer war and coordinated the Gallipoli campaign before becoming Prime Minister in 1940?
Which politician is the only one to have served in all four Great Offices of State and was Prime Minister during the Winter of Discontent?
Which Viking King conquered England in 1016 and ruled until 1035? According to legend he tried to hold back the tide.
What was finally removed from the Labour party constitution in 1995 that had called for giving the means of production to the workers?
Which 1st Century Roman Emperor was the first to launch a successful invasion of Britain?
Who are the major centre-right party in the UK that traditionally stood for protectionism, maintaining the union and imperialism?
What Victorian political movement campaigned for reform such as universal male suffrage following the failure of their great petition?
What organisation was established in the 20th Century as a more co-equal successor to the British Empire?
Which major battle in the early phase of the Hundred Years' War led to Calais becoming and English enclave?
Which English monarch sparked a civil war following his conflict with parliament which resulted in his own execution?
The campaign to repeal what in order to allievate the Irish famine led to Robert Peel and his 'Peelites' splitting from the Tories?
Which medieval poet penned the Cantarbury Tales and, in doing so, helped establish middle English over French and Latin?
Which 18th Century explorer made three Pacific voyages, discovering Australia and Hawaii and breaching the Antarctic circle?
Which university, founded in 1209, saw the discovery of the structure of DNA, Newton's laws of motion and the difference engine?

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