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Can you guess these famous battles in English and British history?

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60 ADBoudica's Rebellion
c. 500Anglo-Saxon Conquest
878Viking Invasions
937Unification of England
991Viking Invasions
1016Viking Invasions
1066Viking Invasions
1066Norman Conquest
1141The Anarchy
1214Anglo-French War
12642nd Barons' War
12652nd Barons' War
1297War of Scottish Independence
1298War of Scottish Independence
1314War of Scottish Independence
1322Despenser War
1346Hundred Years' War
1356Hundred Years' War
1403Glynd┼Ár Rising
1415Hundred Years' War
1428-9Hundred Years' War
1455Wars of the Roses
1461Wars of the Roses
1471Wars of the Roses
1485Wars of the Roses
1513Anglo-Scottish Wars
1542Anglo-Scottish Wars
1547Anglo-Scottish Wars
1588Anglo-Spanish War
16421st English Civil War
16441st English Civil War
16451st English Civil War
16482nd English Civil War
16513rd English Civil War
1690Glorious Revolution
1704War of the Spanish Succession
1746Jacobite Rebellion
1757Seven Years' War
1759Seven Years' War
1781American War of Independence
1805Napoleonic Wars
1812Napoleonic Wars
1815Napoleonic Wars
1854Crimean War
1879Anglo-Zulu War
1916First World War
1916First World War
1917First World War
1940Second World War
1942Second World War
1944Second World War

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