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Which Argentinian cruiser was controversially sunk during the Falklands war, despite being outside the agreed 'Exclusion Zone'?
Which Archbishop was murdered in 1170 following conflict with Henry II?
Where was the British codebreaking centre which successfully cracked the Enigma Code and built the early computer Collossus
Whose report, published during WWII, formed the foundation of the welfare state and Labour's 1945 victory?
Which Northumbrian monk is known as the 'Father of English History' due to his celebrated chronicle of Christianity in England?
Who lead the Iceni tribe against the local Roman garrisons following the rape of her daughters?
By what name was Edward of Woodstock commonly known? He died a year before he might have been King.
Which scouse group proved highly popular and began the influx of British music and culture in the USA in the 1960s?
In which battle did Robert the Bruce defeat Edward II's forces to cement Scottish independence?
Which Queen of England, before being beheaded, was Henry VIII's motivation to split with Rome, founding the Church of England?
Which London residence was adopted by Queen Victoria and later bombed several times during WWII?
What pandemic struck England in 1348 which, by many estimates, halved the population?
What campaign was launched against the UK from 1940-1941 and saw the devestation of several cities such as London and Coventry?
Which Prime Minister made the controversial decision to follow the Americans into Iraq?
At which battle of 1485 was Richard III slain, ushering in the Tudor dynasty?

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