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How many media terms can you recall?

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Everything in the frame
What the camera does
Sound the character can hear
Music the character can't hear
Theorist who named 7 character types
Sound that blends with the vision (matches)
Sound that doesn't match the pictures
What the character wears
An object in the frame used to give more information
The place where action happens
Action appears to jump around
One image fades out and another fades in ... not a fade!
Cutting between two events happening at the same time
The edit where a character looks at something then we cut to the object they look at
Alternating shots of characters talking
A very tight framed shot of an object like a hand or eye
Shot framing that shows a small part of the scene, like a face
Shot framing that shows the character from the waist up
Where the camera moves left or right, or back and forth
The camera turns left or right
The camera rotates up or down
Where the camera moves up and down on a crane arm
A track that moves around the subject usually 180 or 360 degrees
Lighting that is usually flat and free from dark shadows
Lighting used to add meaning or drama by lighting certain parts more prominently than others
Assembling shots in order to create meaning
Shot framing that usually shows all of the character and surrounding setting.
Opening shot used to set the scene and establish the location.
The person on the crew who decides what shots the camera will take

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