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Can you name the Who Would the Mario Characters be in GOT??

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GOT CharacterCharacterReasoning
HodorCan only say his name...
Grey WindChain Chomp is somewhat canine-like, especially its noise
White WalkersKind of similar, right?
Arya StarkDefinitely a tomBOY
Petyr 'Littlefinger' BaelishEvil, skinny. And Littlefinger has a decent mustache.
Grand Maester PycelleOld and annoying
Tyrion LannisterI shouldn't have to explain this one, but Tyrion has been called a twisted little demon monkey
Mirri Maz DuurEhh, they're both magical and quite ugly
Sandor 'The Hound' CleganeStill scary, yet less than Bowser
GOT CharacterCharacterReasoning
Jon SnowThe brother that nobody really loved, but was there
Gregor 'The Mountain' CleganeHuge, scary, evil. How much closer could you get?
Daenerys TargaryenThe beautiful damsel, except she is never really in distress
Robb StarkThe main hero, for awhile...
VarysMight be a little bit of a stretch, but Varys likes to keep his face out of rumors. And they're both plump.
Robert BaratheonAlthough not evil, Robert has the size requirement to be Wario
Jaqen H'GharOne of the Faceless Men, he can appear and then disappear...Valar Morghulis
Rickon StarkQuite an annoying little baby

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