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Hand of the King and Lord of Winterfell 
Deserter of the Night's Watch 
Septa of Winterfell 
Winterfell servant 
Winterfell's Captain of the Guard 
King of Westeros 
The Beggar King 
Hand of the King and Lord of the Eyrie 
Arya's 'Dancing Instructor' 
Sansa's Direwolf 
The Butcher's Boy 
Night's Watch Ranger 
Night's Watch Ranger 
Knight of the Vale 
The Eyrie's Captain of the Guard 
Member of the Khalasar 
Member of the Khalasar 
The King in Highgarden 
Daenerys's Handmaiden 
Daenerys's Handmaiden 
Merchant Prince in Qarth 
Warlock of Qarth 
Ranger of the Night's Watch 
Recruiter of the Night's Watch 
Master-at-Arms of Winterfell 
Maester of Winterfell 
Daenerys's Bloodrider 
Landed Knight sworn to House Lannister 
Member of the Kingsguard 
Member of Yoren's Recruits 
Interrogator at Harrenhal 
Maester of Dragonstone 
Cousin of Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion 
Second son of the Lord of Karhold 
His title is his name 
Member of Theon's Crew 
Member of Theon's Crew 
Heir to House Seaworth and Squire to Stannis 
King in the North 
Queen in the North 
Mother of the King in the North 
Lord of Karhold 
**** in King's Landing 
Lord Commander of the Night's Watch 
Lord of Riverrun 
Direwolf of the King in the North 
Twin son of Kevan Lannister 
Twin son of Kevan Lannister 
Unsullied Slaver 
Wildling who was a 'Friend to the Watch' 
Wilding Warg 
King of Westeros 
Hand of the King and Lord of Casterly Rock 
Tyrion's **** Lover 
Wildling lover of Jon Snow 
Prince of Dorne 
Bannerman of House Bolton 
Companion of Bran Stark 
Lady of The Eyrie 
Traitor of the Night's Watch (a fooking legend) 
Traitor of the Night's Watch 
Thenn Wildling 
Steward of the Night's Watch 
Ranger of the Night's Watch 
Lannister Sellsword 
Lannister Sellsword 
Lannister Sellsword 
Brother to the 'Rightful' Queen of Westeros 
The Drunken Knight/Fool 
Member of the Night's Watch and former Lord of Harrenhal/Commander of the City Watch 
Slave freed by Daenerys, on her small council 
King Beyond the Wall 
Daenerys's Sworn Knight and bodyguard 
Maester of Castle Black 
Wildling Elder 
Rightful Princess of Westeros 
King of Meereen 
'Rightful' Queen of Westeros 
'Rightful' King of Westeros 
Member of the Kingsguard 
Lover of Ramsay Bolton 
Princess of Westeros 
Prince of Dorne and Lord of Sunspear 
Heir to the Prince of Dorne 
Bodyguard to the Prince of Dorne 
Lady of the Dreadfort 
Lord of the Dreadfort 
King of the Iron Islands 
First Ranger of the Night's Watch 
Member of the Night's Watch 
First Steward of the Night's Watch 
Direwolf of the youngest son of the former Lord of Winterfell 
Former wildling turned friend/serving woman of the two Stark boys 
First Builder of the Night's Watch 
Direwolf of Bran Stark 
Simpleton companion of Bran and Meera 
Child of the Forest 
Worshipper of the Seven 
Servant of the Many-Faced God 
Castellan of Riverrun 
Actress of Cersei in Braavos 
Lord of Last Hearth 
Youngest son of the former Lord of Winterfell 
Lord of Winterfell and Lord of the Dreadfort 
Last surviving giant 
Grand Maester 
Soldier in the Faith Militant 
Queen of Westeros 
Leader of the Seven 
Just gave himself to the Faith Militant 
Hand of the King 
Lord of Highgarden and Master of Coin 
Lord of the Twins 
King of Westeros 
Lady of the Reach 
Sand Snake 
Sand Snake 
Sand Snake 
Lord of Horn Hill 
Heir to Horn Hill 
The Drunk Priest 
Lord Protector of the Vale and Lord of Harrenhal 

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