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Can you name the heirs or inheritors, in order, to the great lords of Westeros?

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Robb Stark - Nowhere :(
Robb's oldest brother 
Robb's youngest brother 
Robb's oldest sister 
Robb's youngest sister 
Jon Arryn - The Eyrie
Jon's only child 
Jon's cousin 
Joffrey Baratheon - King
Joffrey's only brother 
Joffrey's only sister 
Joffrey's oldest living uncle 
Joffrey's only true-born cousin 
Joffrey's youngest living uncle 
Tywin Lannister - Casterly Rock
Tywin's youngest son since Jaime is a Kingsguard 
Tywin's only daughter 
Tywin's youngest grandson 
Tywin's only granddaughter 
Recently deceased brother's second twin son 
Brother's only daughter 
Hoster Tully - Nowhere
Hoster's oldest son 
Hoster's second-oldest grandson 
Hoster's youngest grandson 
Hoster's oldest granddaughter 
Hoster's youngest granddaughter 
Hoster's third-oldest grandson 
Hoster's only brother 
Mace Tyrell - Highgarden
Mace's oldest son 
Mace's second-oldest son 
Mace's only daughter 
Doran Martell - Sunspear
Doran's oldest daughter 
Doran's youngest son 
Balon Greyjoy - Iron Islands
Balon's oldest brother 
Balon's only living son 
Balon's only daughter 
Balon's second-oldest brother 
Ramsay Bolton - Winterfell
Ramsay's wife 
Ramsay's wife's older 'brother' 
Ramsay's wife's younger brother 
Ramsay's wife's older sister 
Roose Bolton - The Dreadfort
Roose's oldest son, originally a bastard 
Emmon Frey - Riverrun
Emmon's oldest grandson 
Emmon's younger grandson 
Walder Frey - The Twins
Walder's great-grandson 
Great-grandson's only child 
Great-grandson's oldest brother 
Great-grandson's youngest brother's only child 

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