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Can you name the Speaker of these Pulp Fiction quotes?

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QuoteSpoken by...
'Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead'
'Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutricious breakfast'
'It's 30 minutes away. I'll be there in 10'
'It's Spider. Just caught a couple of flies'
'I wore this uncomfortable hunk of metal up my *** for 2 years'
'Sheeeit negro, that's all you had to say!'
'You sound like a duck. Quack, quack, quack'
'You gotts have an opinion. I mean do you think that God came down from heaven and stopped BANG'
'Dorks. They look like a couple of droks'
'What you mean walk the earth?'
'I'm American baby, our names don't mean ****'
'You hear me talking hillbilly boy? Imma get medieval on your ***'
'Night of the fight you might feel a slight sting. That's pride, ****ing with ya. **** pride!'
'Don't you be telling me about no foot massage. I'm the foot ****ing master!'
'But you know what my minds on right now? It ain't the coffee in my kitchen. It's the dead ***** in my garage'
'Foxy as in we're a bunch of foxy chicks.Force as in we're a force to be reckoned with, and five as in there's 1 2 3 4 5 of us'
'We're just gonna be like 3 little Fonzies'
QuoteSpoken by...
'You have any idea what my father had to go through to get me this watch? I don't have time to get into it now, but he went through a lot.'
'Well your just gonna have to wake him up, now aren't ya?'
'Coke is dead man, heroin is coming back in a big way'
'Burnt to a crisp or bloody as hell?'
'Jules you give that ****ing nimrod $1500 and Imma shoot him on general principle'
'Just because you are a character, dosen't mean you have character'
'Pot-bellies are sexy'
'It's beautiful'
'Well that is certainly one way to put it. Another would be that he was thrown out. Another that he was thrown out by Marsellus and yet another would be that he was thrown out of t
'Well yeah. I was sitting here eating my muffin and replaying the incident in my head, when I had what the alchoholics refer to as, a moment of clarity'
'I'm sorry I didn't get your names. I got yours, uh Vincent right? But I never got yours'
'It Butch goes to Indochina I want a ***** in a rcie bowl ready to jump out and pop a cap in his ***'
'I gotta stab her 3 times?'
'Why do we have to yap about bull**** in order to feel comfortable?'
'Are you calling me on the cellular phone? I don't know you. Who is this? Don't come here, I'm hanging up the phone! Prank caller, prank caller!'
'Your life. I'm givin' you that money so I don't hafta kill your ***. You read the Bible?'

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