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Which breach of the International Statue of Secrecy did the W.O.M.B.A.T. Test say should receive the lightest punishment?
True or False. All of these are cleaning charms: Scouring Charms, Smudge Removing Charm, Skurge Charm,Terego, Vacuum Cleaner Charm and Washing Up Spell
What is the incantation for the scouring charm
What does the Skurge Charm do?
What charm did Ron try to use to clean up his charms homework in 1992 but ended up catching the parchment on fire
Which spells siphons off liquid, such as blood, dust or grease in order to clean the object
What spell uses your wand like a muggle electric cleaning device?
What does the washing up spell do and who have we seen use it?
Definition of a cleaning spell
Filch tried to clean the words Ginny painted on the 2nd floor walks while she was possessed. What product did he use? Was he successful?
Both Hagrid and Molly kept a box of this cleaning product in their homes?
Where can you purchase cleaning solutions?
Everklena was one of Erica Stainwright’s cleaning products-what did all of her products do?

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