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Can you name the Issac Asimov books by last sentence.

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Forced Order
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Let my successors solve those new problems, as I have solved he one of today.
And then he closed his eyes and the darkness engulfed him fully and-fully human at last-he gave himself up to it without regret.
Everybody side by side, all thoughts of warfare forgotten, one by one kneeling in the snow, looking up with wondering eyes to pay homage to the shining figure with the smiling--child in her arms who stood in their midst like a harbinger of springtime and peace.
Nemesis had indeed come.
Baley suddenly smiling, took R. Daneel's elbow, and they walked out the door, arm in arm.
The people of the Galaxy, they are the victors.
He left them, never looking back.
He plans to rest on the seventh day.
Goodbye, friend Elijah, and remember that, althogh people apply that phrase to Aurora, it is, from this point on, Earth itself that is the true World of the Dawn.
He was alone-and with a Galaxy to care for.

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