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Depuytren's contracture, Peyronie's disease, mature fibroblasts producing collagen, nice fibroblasts, desmoid variant has beta-catenin mutation
malignant, botryoides variant often found in vagina, alveolar variant often found in deep musculature, strap cells are diagnostic, common in children, alveolar has PAXFOXOa1 fusion
malignant tumor found in the deep proximal extremities, lipoblasts usually present, MDM2 oncogene sometimes present
found in the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, benign, loss of hair follicles and sweat glands, plump fibroblasts producing collagen
reactive lesion, rapidly growing, sometimes painful, angry fibroblasts
rare, herringbone pattern, fibroblasts not producing collagen, aggressive, malignant
malignant, found in the proximal extremities, malignant spindle cells in storiform pattern, some think it's just an ugly fibrosarcoma
benign tumor found superficially in the proximal extremities, well encapsulated,
benign, uterine fibroids, blunt nuclei, cigar shaped cells
benign, tumor of endothelial cells, capillary variant often found on skin, cavernous variant often found in liver,
malignant, questionable cell origin, often arise near joints, mesenchymal and epithelial components,
malignant, tumor of endothelial cells, usually in older adults, found in breast, liver, extremely bad tumor
malignant, deep extremities/retroperitoneum, blunt darkly-staining nuclei, cigar shaped cells
usually HIV-associated, HHV-8 present in 95%,

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