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synthetic T4
synthetic T3
inhibits synthesis of T3 and T4
inhibits release of T3 and T4
beta blocker
inhibits synthesis of T3 and T4. prevents conversion of T4 to T3. blocks thyroperoxidase
inhibits carbonic anhydrase. used to treat glaucoma
potassium-sparing diuretic. inhibits sodium-potassium exchange
loop diuretic
diuretic that blocks the Na/Cl reabsorption in distal tubule
aldosterone antagonist. K-sparing diuretic
a-glucosidase inhibitor. inhibits gut glucose absorption (DMII)
sulfonylurea which induces insulin secretion. (DMII)
long-acting insulin. (DMI)
rapid-acting insulin (DMI)
biguanide that decreases hepatic gluconeogenesis. (DMII)
thiazide insulin sensetizer. (DMII)
short-acting insulin. (DMI)
meglitinide that induces insulin secretion. (DMII)
thiazide insulin sensetizer. (DMII)
contrast media that blocks conversion of T4 to T3.
contrast media that blocks conversion of T4 to T3

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