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Can you name the 20 Leaders of the Sectionalism period in 10 minutes?

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Proposed an amendment to the appropriations bill of Mexican War
It stipulated that any territory acquired from Mexico shall not be a slave state.  
President of United States 1848
Was a Whig, had no particular view on slavery, and suddenly died of food poisoning in 1850. 
Vice President who took over Taylor
Was very ineffective as President and loses 1852 and 1856 presidential elections. 
Free-Soil Party candidate of 1848
The Party sought absolutely no slavery in Western territories; performed well in 1848 Election. 
Illinois Senator who headed the Compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
Defeated Lincoln in 1858 Illinois Senate race from infamous Lincoln-Douglas debates but loses 1860 Presidential election. 
Inventor of the Compromise of 1850
Included admitting California as a free state, ending D.C. slave trade, letting popular sovereignty dictate slavery issue in Mexican Cession, and the Fugitive Slave Act. 
Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Most influential novel in US History especially as a play.  
Main leader of Black Northerners
Formed associations to protect each other and rebel violently if needed, in response to Fugitive Slave Act.  
President of United States 1852
Was ultimately a weak President who could not handle the slavery issue. 
New England Abolitionist who led violent raids on pro-slavery institutions
Was involved in fight over 'Bleeding Kansas' and attack on Harper's Ferry, VA.  
President of United States 1856
Faced the Dred Scott Case and Kansas Conflict; was ultimately ineffective in solving sectional crisis. 
Republican canditate of 1856
New party that emerged in 1850s in reaction to Kansas-Nebraska Act. 
Slave who sued his owner
Accompanied his master from Missouri to Illinois and Wisconsin, where slavery was prohibited.  
Chief Justice of Dred Scott Case
Ruled that blacks were not citizens of the US and the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional. 
Territorial governor of Kansas
Oversaw the election of a constitutional convention in Kansas where slavery was the issue; Lecompton Constitution was mainly pro-slavery but failed to pass in Congress. 
President of United States 1860
Became President when Southern secession was imminent; Leads Union into the Civil War. 
Leading Southern politician from South Carolina
Advocate of pro-South positions; Involved in infamous debate with Clay and Webster.  
Commander of Fort Sumter
Is attacked by Confederacy on April 10, 1861 as Lincoln provisioned federal troops to the area; the start of the Civil War. 
Two men who made a last-chance effort in reuniting North and South.
Proposed the Crittenden Plan that stipulated extension of Missouri Compromise line; failed.  
President of Confederate States of America
Immediately after Lincoln election, Lower South states secede and by February of 1861, he was sworn in.  

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