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His female dog's name?
His male dog's name?
His two cat's names?
His grandmother died in what month?
What's his brother's name?
His cousin's name who infrequently appears in his videos?
What state does he live in?
What was his real last name?
What type of hair product does he reccomend using?
What type of hat has he said he sometimes sleeps in?
Shane used to work for what company?
A friend in his videos?
A friend in his videos?
His most famous female character?
His nerd character?
His gangster character?
His main videos come out on what day of the week?
What store can you buuy his T shirts?
Ask Shane on what day?
His aunt character's name?
His mom character has a what kind animal on her robe?
He has done two spoofs of what popular t.v. show?
His sarah palin spoof song was called?
His Telephone (by lady gaga) song spoof was called?
His Bad Romance spoof was called?
His Bad Romance spoof featured two other Youtubers who where:

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