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Drink When: - Bourne runs - Bourne has a flashback - Bourne uses an everyday item as a weapon - Bourne drives a vehicleThe Bourne Identity
Drink When: - Johnny Depp says “savvy” - Rum is mentioned or drunk - A monkey or parrot appears - Keira Knightley gets wetPirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
Drink When: - You’re not sure if somebody’s awake or dreaming - Freddy Krueger’s on screen - You see Nancy’s house from the outside - Horror legend John Saxon appearsA Nightmare on Elm Street
Drink When: - Anyone uses a radio or walkie-talkie to communicate - McClane kills a bad guy - There's a Christmas reference - McClane talks to himselfDie Hard
Drink When: - Somebody mentions a party - Jim has an awkward encounter with his dad - Sex is mentioned - Stifler swearsAmerican Pie
Drink When: - A character wears a hideous dress - Samantha references her sex life - Carrie makes a bad punSex and the City
Drink When: - There’s a homoerotic look shared between characters - Characters high five - Maverick goes against the rules - ‘Danger Zone’ playsTop Gun
Drink When: - Ron addresses San Diego - Ron attempts to seduce a lady - Brick Tamland says something stupid - An Apatow favourite makes a cameoAnchorman
Hint Movie % Correct
Drink When: - Anybody says “Mr President” - Apple Macs are shown - Jeff Goldblum awkwardly pauses - Will Smith cracks a one-linerIndependence Day
Drink When: - Anybody references ‘The One’ - Bullet time is used - There’s a religious reference - Smith speaksThe Matrix
Drink When: - A rule comes up on screen - Somebody uses a place as a character name - Twinkies are talked about - Tallahassee kills a zombieZombieland
Drink When: - Room 237 is shown or mentioned - Tony is referenced - A titlecard is used - Jack's writing is shown or mentionedThe Shining
Drink When: - David Bowie sings a song - Sarah says something obnoxious - A weird new creature turns up - You catch sight of Bowie’s crotchLabyrinth
Drink When: - Doc Holliday takes a shot of whiskeyTombstone
Drink When: - Somebody gets shot - The Faun appears - Vidal kills somebody - You understand a word of SpanishPan's Labyrinth
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