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SummaryBook Title
At home in another Caboose, the children unravel the mystery around a circus that long since out of the ring
Summer vacation on a mysterious island lends itself to new mysteries and new family
Living in a seaside home the Aldens, unravel the mystery of two lonely women
A radioactive mine caused Benny and his friend to find themselves in another mystery
Returning to eccentric Aunt Jane this double puzzle has it all - romance and a chase
A return visit to Surprise Island leaves Benny spooked by an old house and the disappearance of a friend.
After surviving a landslide, the Aldens discover a Native American secret
Always curious, Benny helps capture a swindler in a small fishing village
Impossible to just be a relaxing houseboat vacation, there is a blackmail mystery aboard.
After the death of their parents the children take refuge in an abonded boxcar before being found by their Grandfather
SummaryBook Title
From a hidden lookout Benny discovers the clue to a hidden room next door.
The Aldens discover that the 'deserted' South Sea Island isn't so deserted...
A plot against Aunt Jane is discovered on a ranch.
A stray dog that attaches itself to the family comes with some extra baggage.
Benny discovers puzzles in a local department store
A friend from Canada helps the Children locate some missing coins
Two boys ejected from a bus station come with a mysterious relationship
The Aldens were trapped in cabin in blizzard where they discover a coded message.
Never short on creative vacations, this one in a lighthouse gives them the opportunity to meet a rather unfriendly boy.

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