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Name the Sit Com from the 70s, 80s, 90s

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Cigar versus Meathead
Squiggy versus 'the big L'
The Brady Bunch of the '90's'
There is no Quirky situation that this stand up guy cant get his friends 'out of'
This is One Family you could 'bank on'
ultra Nerd WITH suspenders
'the Shag' plus 'Pop Music' plus 'A Bunch of Birds'
This Detroit father of three was 'king of Mishaps'
He sits on his Head, gets younger every day and is a Fashionista in 'Red'
Lame British Accents AND the most limber man using a Cane that you will EVER See
Larry plus Daryl plus Daryl
Its a Wonderful Life Meets jealous brother
Opie Taylor Grows up- but changes his name
Minnesota Football meets Luther Van Damm
If you have no husband; and your mother cant help with the kids; then hire a male italian housekeeper
How could they go wrong with friends like Phyllis and Rhoda
Ducks, Chimps, fooseball and a Smelly Cat
Raging Hormones meets a talking black cat
Middle School Dude meets Middle school Dudette
There is nothing funny about the 4077th
The Most Successful 'spin off' from 'All in the Family'
If you cant find an apartment in New York 'What..Dress up like a woman?'
Starting three child actor careers, Ribeiro, Bateman and Schroder
An Alien who was not From ORK

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