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Episode TitlesTV SeriesYears Aired
Finding Freebo, The British Invasion, Dex Takes a Holiday2006-Present
Peter's Progress, Saving Private Brian, Stew-roids1999-Present
There's No Place Like Home, Homecoming, S.O.S.2004-2010
The Soup, The Cafe, The Bubble Boy1990-1998
Bringing Up Buster, For British Eyes Only, Development Arrested2003-2006
Betty's Wait Problem, Chica and the Man, Ugly Berry2006-2010
Red John's Footsteps, Paint it Red, Red Scare2008-Present
The Girl With the David Tattoo, Spooky Endings, The Kerkovich Way2011-Present
Spanish 101, Beginner Pottery, Modern Warfare2009-Present
Driving Miss Gilmore, The Third Lorelai, A Family Affair2000-2007
Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001, Anna Howard Shaw Day, The Rural Juror2006-Present
Sectionals, Showmance, Mattress2009-Present
Little Green Men, X-COPS, The Truth1993-2002
Bzzzzzz!, Corpsicle, Pie-lette2007-2009
The Santa in the Slush, The End in the Beginning, The Mummy in the Maze2005-Present
Mr. Yin Presents, Shawn and Gus in Drag... Racing, Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing 2006-Present
Snow Falls, A Land Without Magic, An Apple Red as Blood2011-Present
The First David Job, The Ice Man Job, The Runway Job2008-Present
Rose, Last of the Time Lords, Vincent and the Doctor2005-Present
Trash, Our Mrs. Reynolds, Jaynestown2002-2003
The Hofstadter Isotope, The Friendship Algorithm, The Dumpling Paradox2007-Present
Li'l Sebastian, Galentine's Day, Ron & Tammy: Part Two2009-Present
Welcome to the Hellmouth, Conversations With Dead People, Never Kill a Boy on the First Date1997-2003
What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?, Viva Las Vegas, Grave Danger2000-Present
Welcome Back Carter!, Calling Dr. Hathaway, Split Second1994-2009
My New Coat, My Musical, My American Girl2001-2010
Episode TitlesTV SeriesYears Aired
Dennis Looks Like a Sex Offender, The Gang Dances Their Asses Off, Mac and Charlie Write a Movie2005-Present
Day 3: 5:00PM-6:00PM, Day 6: 8:00PM-9:00PM, Day 2: 3:00AM-4:00AM2001-2010
Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption, The Dance, Catch-221998-2003
Lucifer Rising, Ghostfacers, The Curious Case of Dean Winchester2005-Present
The Jenna Thing, Know Your Frenemies, unmAsked2010-Present
The Debarted, The Blair Bitch Project, You've Got Yale!2007-Present
The One With the Prom Video, The One With Russ, The One Where Rosita Dies1994-2004
Hiros, Genesis, I Am Sylar2006-2010
Divine Secrets of the ZBZ Sisterhood, At World's End, Spring Broke2007-2011
A Hard Day's Night, Drowning on Dry Land, The First Cut is the Deepest2005-Present
In Which Addison Finds the Magic, In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole, In Which Dell Finds His Fight2007-Present
Nothing But the Blood, You'll Be the Death of Me, The First Taste2008-Present
My Name is Mac Taylor, Crime and Misdemeanor, Manhattanhenge2004-Present
House Divided, Detox, Lucky Thirteen2004-2012
Jacksonville, Brown Betty, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide2008-Present
Criminal Law, Turnstile Justice, Judge Dread1990-2010
Dowisetrepla, The Pineapple Incident, Mosbius Designs2005-Present
Norm's Big Audit, A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff, Diamond Sam1982-
Chuck vs. The Ring, Chuck vs. The Ex, Chuck vs. The Sensei2007-2012
Tick Tick Tick, Boom!, A Deadly Affair2009-Present
A Study in Pink, A Scandal in Belgravia, The Reichenbach Fall2010-Present
Spider and the Fly, Rule Fifty-One, Probie2003-Present
Chair Model, Fun Run, Diversity Day2005-Present
An American Girl in Paris, What's Sex Got to Do With It?, Four Women and a Funeral1998-2004
Supergirl, Justice, Bizarro2001-2011

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