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release of N2 into the atmosphere
organisms that are not native to an area and cause negative effects
classifying and naming living organisms
where an organisms lives and its role in the environment
living factors of environment
chemical substances that an organism needs to sustain life
least specific category of classification system
sunlight is an example of a ___________ resource
one organism benefits, the other harmed
soybean aphids, purple loosestrife, zebra mussels, and phragmites are invasive species of....
maximum number of individuals an ecosystem is capable of supportin
graph showing number of males and females of each age a population contains
fairly stable group of organisms within a community
organisms which have been moved by humans to an environment where they do not occur naturally
most specific category of classification system
number of named species
species that if removed could cause the collapse of an ecosystem
Asian carp are an example of _________ species
both organisms benefit
nonliving factors of environment
factor that controls the growth of a population
series of predictable change that happens after a disturbance
cycle of CO2 and calcium carbonate throughout an ecosystem
one organism benefits, other not affected
calculation of land and water space needed to produce resources and store wastes an individual in a year
I am going to get ____ of the questions right on the test on Thursday.
nutrient needs for DNA and RNA production
total amount of living tissue within a trophic level
area where an organism lives
resource that can be produced or replaced by a healthy ecostyem
area inhabited by a population
measurement of CO2 that an individual is responsible for producing in a year
represented by a J-shaped graph
organism that consumes other consumers for energy
when birth rate equals death rate, there is ___________ growth
movemenout of an existing population
resource produced by natural processes that cannot be replenished in a reasonable amount of time
represente by an S-shaped graph
relationship between two organisms
first species to colonize a barren area
number of individuals per unit area
organism that feeds on other organisms
water is an example of a ____________ resource
increasing concentration of harmful substances in organisms higher on the food web
organism capable of producing its own energy
two-word naming system
movement into an existing population
organism that feeds on decaying organic matter
rapid growth, aggressive spreading, and potential to harm are characteristics of....
organism that consumes producers for energy

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