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Can you name the Characters described from Romeo and Juliet?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionCharacter, place, or term
I killed Tybalt because I wanted vengence.
I know a lot about plants and potions so I give Juliet the 'sleeping' potion.
Romeo is banished after he killed
I say 'A plague on both your houses' after Tybalt stabs me.
I am supposed to deliver a letter to Romeo, but I get stopped.
I am Romeo's good friend. I try to stop the fighting between the two families.
I am only 13 years old but I decide to get married to a guy I just met
I banish Romeo after he kills Tybalt.
I say that any Capulet or Montague caught fighting will be punished by death.
I am Romeo's father.
I killed Mercutio.
I raised Juliet like a daughter. We have a very close relationship.
I said I was deeply in love with Rosaline, but I fall in love at first sight at Capulet's feast.
I drink a potion that makes it look like I am dead.
I am one of Romeo's best friends, but I get into a fight with Tybalt.
DescriptionCharacter, place, or term
I tell Paris he must woo my daughter before I give permission for them to get married.
I am furious when Juliet won't marry Paris.
Romeo kills Tybalt because Tybalt killed
Romeo and Juliet is written in
I marry Romeo and Juliet secretly.
I ask Capulet if I can marry Juliet even though I don't really know her.
I tell Romeo that Juliet is dead.
I resist Romeo's advances because I want to become a nun.
I kill myself with a dagger.
I kill myself by drinking poison.
Romeo and Juliet takes place in (location)
I lie and say 20 men attacked and killed Tybalt.
When Romeo is banished he runs away to (location)
I help Juliet marry Romeo but then tell her to marry Paris after Romeo is banished.
I die because I am so upset about Romeo's banishment.

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