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What country issued the Balfour Declaration to win support of Jews?
Who was the leader of the Salt March and leader of India?
What revolution began in 1910?
In 1923, who found modern Turkey?
What modern day sub-continent was promised a free country after World War One?
What was the movement called in which Africans began to nourish the nationalist spirit?
What is a nationalist movement based in Arabic roots?
What term describes the government take over of natural resources?
Under what policy did the United States pledge to lessen interference of Latin American Nations?
What was the policy of rigid segregation in South Africa?
What is the act in which citizens refused to obey unjust laws called?
What communist chinese leader saught support in large peasant masses?
What was the protest in India on March 12, 1930?
What resource became a major factor in the middle east?
Who reigned from 1926-1989 in Japan for 63 years?
What year did the Japanese army capture Nanjing?
In 1917, What North American country passes a new constitution?
In what year did World War Two start?
Which leader established the republic of china in 1911?
Who signed the Treaty of Sevres in 1920?

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