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StatisticCountryExtra Info
Youngest Country in the WorldEstablished 2011
Largest Muslim Population204,847,000 Muslims (13% of World Total)
Longest Coastline243,792 km of Coastline
Largest Tank Army22,800 tanks
Most Terrorist Activity10.378 on the Global Terrorism Index
Most Tourist Visits per year81.9 million tourists
Largest Jewish Population6,045,900 Jews
Least Peaceful Nation 3.440 on the Global Peace Index
Smallest Country by Area0.44 km²
Largest Citrus ProducerCitrus output of 20,682,309 tons
Highest Child Mortality Rate20.9% of children die before the age of 5
Country with the Most Visited City15.6 million visitors per year
Most Winter Olympic Medals129 gold medals, 360 total medals
Highest Human Development IndexHDI of 0.971
Largest Wine ProducerWine output of 8,519,418 tons
Lowest GDP (PPP) (Per Capita)$400 per capita (CIA)
Largest Landlocked Country2,724,900 km²
Largest Electricity Producer4,940,000,000,000 kWh per year
Largest Police Force5,776,500 police officers
Largest Consumption of Beer (Per Capita)132 litres per year
Highest Proportion of Women in Government56% of MPs are female
Largest Contributor to UN Peacekeeper Force8266 Peacekeepers

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