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Decision Case Justice
Upheld minority-preference policy of the FCC; Thought it did not violate the equal protection clause but instead had Congressional support and it served the important government obBrennan (5-4)
Upheld CA statutory rape law iw male punished for sex w fem under 17 but she wasnt - state had legit interest in preventing teen preg
- The Court upheld a Mississippi law which said that common carriers that do not leave the state must be segregated racially.
- Upheld AL law imposing a higher penalty on a white/black person committing adultery than if the same act were performed by 2 same race; since higher penalty applied to both the w
Says white firefighters have right to challenge AL consent decree w goals for hiring/promoting blacksRehnquist (5-4)
upheld a court-ordered affirmative action plan against a labor union with a history of deliberate race discrimination. He said that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was not iBrennan (5-4)
Admitted stat that women live longer than me, yet threw out a L.A. req that fem workers pay more for pension plan
Upheld TX law banning anyone in public school system if only purpose is for schools - system meant for residents of each district(8-1)
- Upholds NC literacy test; not discriminatory bc he had not taken the test & couldnt prove law's racial bias
Univ. of OK admitted a black but segregated himVinson (9-0)
- TX passed a law saying that the Democratic Primary was a white only primary; Unconstitutional bc it was a law that violates the equal protection clause of 14th amendment
Court threw out a law which prohibited interracial married couples from living together in Florida. It said the law violated the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth AmendmentWhite
upheld an affirmative action plan which included a quota of minority promotions; Title7 doesnt ban this type of relief Brennan (6-3)
- Court threw out LA law which allowed husband to mortgage a jointly owned home wo his wife’s consent. Since there was no important governmental interest served by the law, it wa
- Law prohibiting men from entering school of nursing: rules against the Uni; doesn’t find any educational justification for law (most nurses are female, saying males can’t com
Decision Case Justice
- no law school for blacks; state says will pay tuition in other state – says Missouri law violates ep clause of 14th amend bc theres no law school for blacks in the state
- There cannot be an interdistrict busing plan when the suburban districts have not violated the Const. Burger struck down Detroit bussing plan as going beyond what was called for
- Allowed the deportations of aliens charged with breaking big WW1 laws -viewed the act as civil not criminal. Therefore ex post facto is inapplicable & the deportations valid, eveTaft
- Court rules that individual had obtained his citizenship fraudulently bc he had been promoting Nazism, thus his citizenship could be revoked.
- The Court struck down a law which prohibited interracial marriage. He thought it a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th AmendmentWarren
- Court ruled it a violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to take job seniority which a woman had accumulated simply because she had to temporarily leave the job due t
- Refusing to allow blacks on juries is a violation of 14th amend; Reverses convictions of Scottsboro Boys bc AL was still excluding blacks from their juries, AL tries 9 black men
- TX writes another law saying that Dem State Committee in TX can bar blacks from voting in primary. Court felt that since the law allowed the Comm to do it, the state again was gu
If railroad does provide luxury cars, then they must provide them for both races; don’t have to integrate but must be separate but equal Hughes (5-4)
- Brennan struck down AL law under iw husbands had to pay alimony, not wives; example of sexual stereotyping; reinforced the thinking that the husband was the breadwinner and the w
Scalia – the husband is responsible for the kid (not the biological father), must uphold the integrity and privacy of the family unit; says he does not have right to bring up paScalia (5-4)
- Sullivan: Law said no Chinese alien can become a naturalized citizen; even though the law only mentioned Chinese, it was clear the intent was to include all non-Caucasians
- Unanimous Court upheld NY’s amended Human Rights Law which prohibited discrimination against women and minorities in certain private clubs that are determined to be sufficientl
- Exclusion of Japanese from West coast (internment camps)-Court says can exclude Japanese (even citizens) for military necessity in times of war. Black (6-3)
threw out a NY law under which residents of certain school disctricts who could vote in federal and state elections could only vote in a school district election if they owned or lWarren (604)
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