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Decision Case Justice
- Taney, speaking for a unanimous Court, not only upheld the Act and Booth’s conviction under it, but stressed the importance of the federal judiciary being supreme over state co- Taney (9-0
- A unanimous Court refused to allow a three-month delay in desegregating schools in thirty Mississippi districts.
Court upheld KT law mandating segregated schools even in private colleges; the sep. but equal doctrine was now in full operation & all had to comply(8-1)
Teachers may not be dismissed/put on invol. leave if pregnant - to do so woud be to discriminate on basis of sex
Race based exclusion of potential jurors in civil case violates equal protection clause (state action in providing court) Kennedy (6-3)
no due process of law violation because the state does not have to provide members of the general public with adequate protective services. Just because the state knew about the prRehnquist (6-3)
- The Court threw out the plan in which women were paid a lower pension bc of stats they live longer as a violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, once again saying tha
once again refused to allow the governonce again refused to allow the government to denaturalize a citizen. Baumgartner had not been a supporter of the Nazi’s view of racial supeFrankfurter (9-0)
The question before the Court was whether one can challenge the District Court terminating the case and the Court of appeals reinstating the plan, and Chief Justice Rehnquist for aRehnquist (
Little Rock, Arkansas could not make the NAACP give its membership list to it.- The Court’s reasoning was that there was not enough
Once a person's loyalty had been proven, that person could not be kept in a relocation center. Douglas (9-0)
State law having men & women pay equal pension plan but women paid less bc of stats - violation of Title 7; indivs dont always follow characteristis of group; law protects individu
Upheld restrictive housing covenants in DC - not 5th amend. violation bc fed govt was not involved (9-0)
Decision Case Justice
a defendant may establish a prima facie case of purposeful discrimination in a number of cases. That evidence must consist of the defendant being a member of a cognizable racial grPowell (7-2)
Refused to delay school integration in Little Rock; reminder that Court is ultimate interpreter of Const. & Brown decision must be observed by alll(9-0)
Missouri Compromise unconsitutional - violated 5th Amend; since slave was 'property,' Congress couldnt stop you from owning one if cross boundary
Upheld CA law being used against group that took charter from its club bc it accepted 2 women. The state law guaranteed all persons equality in the state’s business establishmentPowell (7-2)
Threw out parts of the 'Aid to Fams w Dependent Children' program - said if dad lost his job could collect benefits but not if mom did. Violation of due process of 5th Amend.Rehnquist (9-0)
- A 5-4 Court, speaking through Justice White, upheld a Georgia law which made sodomy a crime.
Companion case to Brown (in DC) - struck down segregated schools as 5th amend. due process violation
Court strikes down OK law - females could drink 3.2 beers at 18, males at 21. Violation of 14th Amend./equal protection
- Finally did away with the separate but equal doctrine which had around since Plessy. Since this decision was to change southern society, he gave the parties in the case a year to
Strikes down law in which widow automatically received husbands benefits, widower had to prove dependence - 5th Amend. due process violation, stemming from 'trad. way of thinking aStevens (5-4)
- The Court voided a Louisville ordinance which divided the housing in that city by race. Justice Day for a unanimous Court ruled that such an ordinance was also a violation of the
- The desegregation would proceed “with all deliberate speed” and the federal district courts would be the ones to see that it was being done. The problem with this was that th
Court says the 1965 Voting Rights Act does indeed apply to elections of judges Stevens (6-3)

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