Geography Quiz / Largest cities in a 300 mile radius of Mount Mitchell

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Can you name the largest cities (100.000+) within a 300 mile radius of Mount Mitchell (USA) ?

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88miles / North Carolina
94miles / Tennessee
115miles / North Carolina
127miles / North Carolina
140miles / Georgia
140miles / North Carolina
141miles / South Carolina
159miles / Georgia
178miles / Tennessee
184miles / Georgia
189miles / North Carolina
195miles / North Carolina
197miles / North Carolina
199miles / Kentucky
203miles / North Carolina
216miles / Georgia
231miles / Tennessee
245miles / South Carolina
250miles / Kentucky
250miles / Tennessee
254miles / Alabama
261miles / Ohio
263miles / Georgia
267miles / North Carolina
276miles / Georgia
289miles / Tennessee
292miles / Ohio
294miles / Virginia
295miles / Ohio
300miles / Alabama

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