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Can you name the largerst cities (200.000+) in a 500 mile radius of Lake Powell (USA) ?

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220miles Nevada285.667
223miles Nevada234.807
225miles Nevada623.747
249miles Arizona240.126
250miles Arizona236.839
254miles Arizona1.563.025
255miles Arizona471.825
259miles Arizona247.542
262miles Arizona260.828
293miles New Mexico559.277
335miles Arizona531.641
371miles Colorado456.568
385miles Colorado682.545
389miles Baja California730.800
393miles Colorado359.407
397miles California213.993
398miles Sonora232.100
400miles California200.670
404miles California204.312
407miles California317.307
437miles California351.433
438miles California250.384
438miles California335.264
442miles California200.831
445miles California3.957.022
447miles California200.652
448miles California213.231
449miles California369.505
450miles California1.368.061
451miles California257.989
453miles California472.779
455miles Baja California1.386.100
456miles Texas681.124
462miles Chihuahua1.398.400
471miles Baja California295.800
471miles California520.159
488miles California206.148
494miles Nevada241.445

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