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A solid, raised lesion < 1cm
A solid, raised, flat-topped lesion > 1cm
A change in the color of skin < 1cm
Dried exudate on skin
Thinning of epidermis or subcutaneous fat
Large subcutaneous bleeding
Linear lesion into dermis
A solid mass
A raised lesion filled with clear fluid < 1cm
A raised lesion filled with clear fluid > 1cm
Permanent fibrotic change
Traumatized skin from scratching
Small subcutaneous bleeding
Dilatation of superficial blood vessels
Linear lesions formed by tunnels in skin
Medium subcutaneous bleeding
Thickening of epidermis
Exaggerated connective tissue
A solid, raised lesion > 1cm
Edema in upper epidermis
Hard, darkened plaque over an ulcer
Flakes of compacted desquamated layers of stratum corneum
A change in the color of skin > 1cm
Depressed area of skin where epidermis is lost
Necrosis of epidermis, dermis, and/or underlying tissue
Traumatic loss of epidermis

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