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Week 4 - Folding
1. The head fold brings this rostral part of the intraembryonic coelom to the ventral surface. 
2. The prochordal plate becomes this membrane (the future mouth) 
3. The yolk sac incorporated into the embryo from the head fold forms this 
4. The corresponding caudal yolk sac incorporated into the embryo forms this 
5. This portion of the yolk sac continues to be attached to the body stalk 
6. The corresponding caudal membrane to #2, where #4 and #5 open up 
7. The midgut continues to be connected to the yolk sac through this 
8. #7 later becomes this duct 
9. This layer of lateral mesoderm lines the coelomic cavity of the embryo. 
10. The splanchnic mesoderm suspends the gut tube in the coelom via this 
Week 4-8 - Body cavities
11. The cavity surrounding the heart, from the rostral part of coelom (same as #1) 
12. The cavity surrounding the lungs, from the lateral coelom 
13. The cavity surrounding the abdominal organs, from the lateral caudal coelom 
14. These lateral limbs of coelom are precursors for #11 and #13 
15. This portion of rostral mesoderm compresses #14, causing narrowing 
16. Growing lung buds turn folds in the lateral walls of #14 into these, to separate heart and lung when they fuse 
17. Growing lung buds turn folds in the dorsolateral wall into this membrane, which separates #12 and #13 
18. #17, in an adult 
19. An error in the formation of #17 causes this problem 
Week 10-20 - Amniotic growth
20. The amnion lines the outside of the amniotic cavity and touches the fetus only at this point 
21. At this point, the amnion has grown so much that this cavity is obliterated 

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