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Week 3 - Notochord formation
1. The notochordal process initially extends from the prochordal plate to the ______, the rostral end of the primitive streak. 
2. #1 regresses caudally until it reaches this. 
3. The notochord becomes the longitudinal axis. The mesoderm closest to the notochord is known as the: 
4. The mesoderm between #3 and the lateral mesoderm is known as: 
5. These are the paired segmented blocks that form in #3. 
6. The coelomic spaces in the lateral mesoderm unite to form the: 
7. The lateral mesoderm that ends up on the ectoderm (and forms connective tissue lining the body wall and limbs) 
8. The lateral mesoderm that ends up on the endoderm (forms organs) 
9. #5 splits into three sections: this forms skeletal muscle 
10. This forms skin and associated connective tissue 
11. This forms vertebrae and ribs 
Week 4 - Neural tube formation
12. This longitudinal feature induces the ectoderm above it to form the neural tube 
13. The neural folds fold over the neural groove, but the neural tube remains open at these: 
14. These ectodermal cells separate from the tube and give rise to dorsal root ganglia, autonomic ganglia, and the adrenal medulla 
15. An error in neural tube closure may cause: 

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