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Week 1 - Fertilization and cleavage
1. The glycoprotein coat surrounding the secondary oocyte 
2. The glycoprotein coat mentioned above along with follicular cells 
3. Fertilized eggs should travel through the ______ before reaching the uterus 
4. This occurs if the fertilized egg fails to travel through #3. 
5. The fusion of the male and female pronuclei forms this: 
6. Over the next three days, #5 divides into a 12-16 cell mass known as this: 
7. The process where the zona pellucida breaks down in the uterus 
8. The embryo is called this after a cavity forms in #6 
9. The cavity is known as: 
10. The outer cell mass and precursor to the placenta 
11. The inner cell mass 
Week 2 - Implantation
12. Formed from the outer trophoblast, this mass invades endometrium to supply nutrients 
13. The non-invasive part is the: 
14. #11 divides into two parts (which form the bilaminar embryonic disc). The outer part, adjacent to #13 is: 
15. The inner part next to #8 is: 
16. Fluid accumulating between #13 and #14 forms the: 
17. Cells of #13 adjacent to #16 form the: 
18. This loose connective tissue surrounds #9 and #16 and is formed from #10 
19. Fluid-filled spaces coalesce to form this in #18. 
20. #15 cells migrate around #9 to form this:  
21. This feature is the precursor to the umbilical cord, and is made of persistent #18 that didn't turn into #19 
22. At the end of the second week, #18 is known as: 
23. The rostral part of the embryonic disc. 
Week 3 - Embryonic period
24. A longitudinal, midline elevation in #14, starting at the caudal end 
25. A depression in #24. 
26. #25 invaginates to form this third layer of embryonic tissue (to later become connective tissue and muscle). 
27. #26 spreads across the trilaminar disc except for at #23 and caudally at this place. 
28. This layer will form external epithelial structures, and is derived from #14. 
29. This layer will form internal epithelial structures, and is derived from #15. 

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