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UseDrugExtra info
Autoimmune (SLE, myasthenia gravis), ALLAntimetabolite, inhibits folate metabolism
DVT/PE with renal failureReversed with protamine, monitor aPTT
AntibioticInhibits 30S ribosome, nephrotoxic, ototoxic
Worm infestationsInhibits glucose uptake by worms
Hodgkin's lymphoma, NHLHeart toxicity, intercalating agent
AntibioticMimics PABA to inhibit folic acid synthesis
AML (acute promyelocytic leukemia)B cell differentiation
CLLAlkylating agent
Hodgkin's lymphomaLung toxicity, DNA synthesis inhibition
CLLAlkylating agent
HL, NHL, CLLAnti CD20 mab
Sarcoma, carcinomaCross-links DNA, nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity, ototoxicity
ALLReduces asparagine levels, allergy, CNS toxicity
Lymphoma, lung cancerTopoisomerase II inhibitor
TuberculosisCauses B6 deficiency
CMLTyrosine kinase inhibition
Type I hypersensitivityAntihistamine
Hodgkin's lymphomaAlkylating agent
Anticoagulant for coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular diseaseInhibits ADP binding in platelet aggregation
AsthmaFast acting bronchodilator
Breast cancerBlocks HER2/neu receptor (growth factor)
Essential thrombocythemia, sickle cell and other hemoglobinopathiesInhibits DNA synthesis
DVT/PELower HIT risk
AntibioticBlock DNA gyrase (gram +ve), topoisomerase IV (gram -ve)
DVT/PEInhibits factor X only
Immunosuppression, HL, NHL, asthmaMoonface, Cushing's syndrome
Antibiotic (syphilis, chlamydia, rickettsia, yersinia)Inhibits 30S ribosome
AntibioticInhibits 30S ribosome
AntibioticInhibits cell-wall synthesis
Hodgkin's lymphoma, severe NHLPotential neuropathy, binds to microtubules
Transplant immunosuppressionCalcineurin inhibition
MRSAInhibits cell wall synthesis
Transplant immunosuppression and severe eczemaCalcineurin inhibitor
FluHydrolyzed in liver, neuraminidase inhibitor
High cholesterolInhibits cholesterol synthesis
Breast cancerMimics estrogen to block growth factor receptors
Anticoagulant for heart proceduresInhibits GpIIb/IIIa in
DVT/PEInhibits factor II, oral administration
MDSHypomethylation by inhibition of DNA methyltransferase
CLLAlkylating agent
MeningitisInhibits bacteria protein synthesis
DVT/PEFollow up, reversed with vitamin K
Transplant immunosuppressionInhibition of IL-2 production
DVT/PE with renal failureInhibits factor II
Lung, ovarian, breast cancersBinds to microtubules

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