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hintyour answercategory
retention/use of prior learningterms
utilized folk stories and objects such as a mulak to test if memory is distorted by our learning and experiences (culture)study
your 'how to' memory (tie shoes, brush teeth, etc.)terms
active retrieval of memoryterms
process of memory; identify presented information as similarterms
had anterograde amnesia due to surgery, has no new LTM'sstudy
general knowledge (states, temp. water boils, etc.)terms
improved performance by reviewing despite an inability to recall/recognize infoterms
showed that by intensifying a verb, it can distort someones memory of that eventstudy
prior exposure affects ability to recall something laterterms
hintyour answercategory
gave their subjects same lists of words with different prompts (ways of encoding)study
process of stimulus information for retention memory terms
a theory/model of how information goes from sensory input into long term memoryterms
retention of information for brief intervals (limited capacity)terms
memory of personal experiencesterms
retention of info for longer periods of time, forever there, unlimited capacityterms
impulses, memories, ideas, etc. all blocked from concious mindterms
filters out excess stimuli, very short period of time, only keeps important things, fragileterms
when someone fills in the blanks of a memory with word associationterms

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