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Approach, Challenge, Perspective or MethYour Answerhint
William Windt, mental process, content of conscious mindhistorical approach
William James, all behavior has a reason, behaviors help us survivehistorical approach
Genetics, Sir Frances Galtanthistorical approach
Kohler, more than one part to a person, perception is an active processhistorical approach
mind is made up of several billion interconnected cellschallenges for psychologist
people alter behavior when aware they're being studiedchallenges for psychologist
people study themselveschallenges for psychologist
confirmation bias that assists in perceiving the worldchallenges for psychologist
Freud, unconcious thoughts and drives, id, ego, super egocontemporary perspectives
Pavlov, everything we do has consequence, rewards and punishmentscontemporary perspectives
Post WWII, MRI/CAT/Drugs all a result, genetics, hormonescontemporary perspectives
Approach, Challenge, Perspective or MethYour Answerhint
Jean Piaget, mental process will affect behavior, perception, memorycontemporary perspectives
Maslows Hierarchy of needs, everyone too complex to summarize to 1 perspectivecontemporary perspectives
cultural and ethnic backrounds, Phil Zimbardocontemporary perspectives
thorough examination of an individual, provides behavioral historymethods
tests groups of people individually, fixed alternative or open endedmethods
psychologist asks questions and collects self-reported datamethods
observing behavior in a natural setting with no alterations of variablesmethods
researcher interacts with the group under observationmethods
when one searches for patterns in datamethods
a study over a certain time framemethods

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