The Biological Perspective (E. Ritt)

Can you name the The Biological Perspective (E. Ritt)?

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hintYour Answercategory
we used correlation analysis of twins to explore the influences of genesresearcher
we investigated if the people around you can affect your behavior, three degrees of influencesresearcher
I found out that we are born with a core knowledge and did so through infantsresearcher
To what extent will humans comply with authority? study (name then year)
makes you feel happy, affects general mood (not specific)chemical
every part/area of brain controls or is responsible for a certain behaviorterms
communicates the 'good feeling', focuses on one thing/object/personchemical
involved in movement of body partspart of the brain
long term feeling, not as passionate and powerful, commitment, stablititychemical
responsible for speech, perception, thought processpart of the brain
each hemisphere of the brain is responsible/correlates with behaviorterms
emotions, past experiences, planning ahead, mood, personality, judgementpart of the brain
hearing, memories, languagepart of the brain
severed corpus collosum of patients with severe epilepsystudy (name then year)
severed corpus collosum of monkeysstudy (name then year)
touch, sensory information, sensory perceptionpart of the brain
sight/visionpart of the brain
hunger, drinking, having sex, regulates all basic drivespart of the brain
hintYour Answercategory
function of memory (short term into long term)part of the brain
all that is psychological is first...assumptions
severed corpus collosum of 10 epileptic patientsstudy
anger, fear, rage, scared, basic emotionspart of the brain
railroad pole lodged into frontal lobes showing a relationship between personality and fron.
psychology should investigate the brain, neurochemistry, and...assumptions
balance, fine motor skillspart of the brain
necessary for body function, vitals, breathing, essentialpart of the brain
animals may be studied as means of understanding human...assumptions
wide band of nerve fibers that connect the two hemispherespart of the brain
ability of the brain to be shaped by expierenceterms
all behavior has a...assumptions
responsible for your feelings, pleasure circuits, emotional responsepart of the brain
compared how babies responded to native language vs. foreign languagestudy
at what age does language lateralize?study
rewires a ferrets brain so sight goes into temporal lobes & eye sight into auditory cortexstudy

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