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hintyour answercategory
when one violates the social norms or expectationsterms
when one experiences a panic attack due to a specific stimulusdisorders
global assesment of functioning; a general evolution of functioning during past years in terms of leisure, work, and social relationshipsaxis
when anxiety is converted into unexplanable physical symptoms and there is a strange indifferencedisorder
failure to cope with the real world, can't adapt to enviornmentterms
when someone interperets normal sensations to symptoms of a dreaded diseasedisorder
study that sent 8 'normal' individuals into different mental hopsitals study
medical doctors who specialize in treating mental disordersterms
excessive concern with a percieved defect in a physical appearancedisorder
clinical syndromes: primary classification of disorders based on behavior symptomsaxis
when the melatonin is released in the body and one feels drowsy but only during certain periods of the yeardisorder
published 'The Myth of Mental Illness' study
personality disorders and mental retardation, personality disorders, longstanding maladaptiveaxis
the 'common cold' of depressiondisorder
hintyour answercategory
psychosocial and enviornmental factors: an assesment of severity of stressors which contributed to persons conditionaxis
this man was one of the most influential psychiatrist of 20th century and helped evolve the DSMpeople (last name)
when one fluxuates between mania and depressiondisorder
this study helped to create CBTstudy
due to trauma, one forgets things that is out of their control sometimes other personalities take overdisorder
during stressful events one dissociates and fleesdisorder
this study was done on teenagers in jail, half given a placebo and have given SSRI's and CBTstudy
general medical conditions; any physical problems which may be relevent to persons conditionaxis
states that if someone is depressed they have an increased level of cortisolterms
when one experiences repeated trauma and dissociates during it and so different personalities emergedisorders
hypothesis that depression is associated with low levels of noradrenaline and serotinin is the neaurotransmitter responsibleterms
they conducted a study that showed prozac (anti-depressant) to only be 25% more effective than placebosstudy
a disorder characterised by a series of obsessions and compulsionsdisorders
a disorder caused by the experience of a stressful eventdisorders

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