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MHC whose antigen is loaded in RER
Triad of ataxia, spider angiomas, IgA deficiency
Cytotoxic, antibody-mediated hypersensitivity
Costimulatory signal (signal 2) for T helper
Boy with thrombocytopenic purpura, infxns, eczema
Activated by MHCI and IL-2
Rx: interferes with nucleic acid synthesis
Process by which self-reactive T cells w/o costimulatory molecule become nonreactive
Fibrosis of graft tissue and vessels years after transplant
Induces Th2 differentiation, class switching to IgG/E
Dz: anti-dsDNA, anti-Smith antibodies
Encoded by HLA-DR, HLA-DP, HLA-DQ
Type II hypersensitivity to blood transfusion RBCs, hemolytic
Causes fever, acute inflammation, chemokine secretion, leukocyte recruitment
Vaccine inducing a primarily cellular response
Cell type stimulated by MHCII
Recurrent catalase positive infections
Type II hypersensitivity to blood transfusion HLA and leukocytes, nonhemolytic
Dz: anti-Ro, anti-La antibodies
Induces differentiation of T cells into Th1 cells, activates NK cells
Function of C5b-C9
Maculopapular rash, jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly, diarrhea after transplant
Leukocyte with CD14, CD40
Severe febrile infections early in life
Tissue damage from membrane deposition of immune complexes to foreign proteins
Common infecting species in complement deficiency
Ichemia, necrosis of graft within minutes
Cell type expressing MHCII
Coarse facies, noninflamed staph abcesses, high IgE, eczema, retained baby teeth
Secretes IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-10; regulates humoral response
Rx: anti-IL-2 receptor antibody
Ig produced in primary response to antigen
Anaphylactic and atopic hypersensitivity
Encoded by HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C
Stimulates growth of Th and CD8 cells
Microbe surface molecule mediated complement pathway
Dz: anti-desmoglein antibodies
Graft from identical twin/clone
Cause of Howell-Jolly bodies, target cells, thrombocytosis
Psoriasis, Ankylosing spondylitis, IBS, Reiter's syndrome
Cross-link TCR to MHCII
MHC whose antigen is loaded in endosome following invariant chain release
Dz: anti-histone antibodies
Delayed umbilical cord separation, no pus, recurrent bacterial infxns
Edema, necrosis, complement activation from local antibody reaction to intradermal injection of antigen
SCID treatment
Vaccine inducing a primarily humoral response
Immune complex hypersensitivity
NK cell marker
Lymphocyte in innate immune system
Recurrent viral/fungal infxns, tetany, heart/vessel defects
Dz: anti-Scl-70 antibodies
Leukocyte with CD3, CD28
Primary place you find T cells in spleen
Boy >6mo with recurrent bacterial infections
Produce IL-10, TGF-β; suppress CD4/CD8 effector function
Delayed, cell-mediated hypersensitivity
Given after exposure to tetanus, botulinum, HBV, rabies
Vasculitis of graft vessels, dense interstitial lymphocytic infiltrate weeks after transplant
Inhibits activated T cells, Th1; activates Th2
Rx: anti-CD3 antibody
Promotes B cell differentiation, eosinophil growth, class switching to IgA
Complement component important in opsonization
Causes fever, production of acute-phase proteins
Dz: anti-GBM antibodies
Dz: c-ANCA
Function of C3a and C5a
Rx: binds FK-binding protein
Recurrent infxns, no thymic shadow, no germinal centers, no B cells
Rx: inhibits calcineurin
IgG or IgM mediated complement pathway
Rx: inhibits mTOR
Secretes IL-2, IFNγ; regulates cell-mediated response
Ig that crosses placenta
Leukocyte with CD19, CD20, CD21, CD40
Ig released in allergy, parasitic infxn
Recurrent febrile staph/strep infxns, partial albinism, peripheral neuropathy
Milk allergies, diarrhea, sinus/lung infections
Mediates septic shock, causes leukocyte recruitment and vascular leak
20-30yo with lymphoma and sinus/lung infections
Activates macrophages, Th1; suppresses Th2; antitumor and antiviral
Directly stimulate macrophages by binding CD14
Supports growth and differentiation of bone marrow stem cells
B cell EBV receptor
Interleukin chemotactic factor for neutrophils

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